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Play Couch Pad - 66 X 33 x 5"

Play Couch Pad - 66 X 33 x 5"

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These pads are the perfect fit for your playroom! They are the tailor made solution for a kids climbing wall, but more than that they are a versatile toy that can be used to build forts, walls, or even nap on. They are the same size as the largest base pad in most of the popular play couch sets you'll find, so they should fit right in with any you already own.

With 5 inches of dense open cell foam, you get a solid platform while preventing bottom outs.

The Microfiber shell is durable yet super soft. It is also removable, making it super easy to clean, and the easy zipper opening is concealed in the fold between the two pad sections.

Finally, the pad folds in half and has two handle straps, making it simple to transport and store.


- 66 x 33 x 5"
- Carry straps
- Folding
- Zipper Covers


- Microfiber Shell
- Certi-Pur Polyurethane Foam, T25H45 (1.56 lbs/ft^3)


Remove shell and machine wash cold with a very mild detergent and like colors only.

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