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Indoor Climbing Pad - 72" X 36" X 5"

Indoor Climbing Pad - 72" X 36" X 5"

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This pad is optimized to give you everything you need in an indoor crash pad, and nothing you don't. It's streamlined design means you get maximum protection and increased functionality over standard outdoor bouldering pads, while it's clean lines fit your style.

With 5 inches of dense open cell foam you get a solid platform while preventing bottom outs.

Along the sides are Velcro flaps that are designed to fold out and attach to a pad set next to it. This makes is simple to connect multiple pads, and makes for much safer climbing by ensuring that they won't slide apart.

The 600D Nylon shell is extremely durable yet far more inviting to touch than faux leather vinyl. It is also removable, making it super easy to clean, and the easy zipper opening is concealed in the fold between the two pad sections.

Finally, the pad folds in half and has two nylon handle straps, making it simple to transport and store.


- 72 x 36 x 5"
- Carry handles
- Folds in half
- Velcro Flaps for connecting multiple pads


- 600D Nylon Shell
- Certi-Pur Polyurethane Foam, T28H55 (1.75 lbs/ft^3)


Hand wash with cold water, a soft brush, and a mild detergent.

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