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Set of 3 Climbing Panels + 30 Holds (approx. 22 sqft)

Set of 3 Climbing Panels + 30 Holds (approx. 22 sqft)

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Everything you need to install a rock climbing wall at home in one simple package!

This package includes 1 panel. Create a wall of any size by purchasing as many or as few panels as you want. Climbing holds/grips sold separately.


  • Sanded Birch: Natural, sanded, authentic birch plywood. This simple, clean look is very easy on the skin and a great fit for kids or training. Easy to paint to create your own unique look.
  • Textured White: White panels have a lightly textured coating applied to them that is very gentle, adding a little more grip to the surface. These can be painted as well if you want the texture in a different color.



- 250 lb. max user weight
- Built from solid Birch Plywood
- Panel Dimensions: 46”L x 23”W x 1.5”H
- Industrial Grade Hardware (All hardware included)
- Designed in Utah, USA
- Indoor use only
- 15 minute installation per panel
- Mounts directly to the studs in your wall (or masonry)
- Felt backers protect your wall from damage
- No measuring or level required**
- Easy take down if you move
- All hardware included
- 1 year money back GUARANTEE (applies to all Tree Frog products)


- Solid birch plywood
- Zinc Plated Steel Inserts
- RoHS Certified


Wash with cold water, a gentle brush, and a mild disinfectant.

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