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Climbing Wall Designer

Climbing Wall Designer

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Climbing Wall Finish
Climbing Holds
Black Holds  
White Holds  
Blue Holds  
Red Holds  
Yellow Holds  
Green Holds  
Orange Holds  
Purple Holds  
Rainbow Holds  
Wall Size
46" H x 46" W - 2 Panels  
69" H x 46" W - 3 Panels  
92" H x 46" W - 4 Panels  
69" H x 92" W - 5 Panels  
69" H x 92" W - 6 Panels  
92" H x 92" W - 7 Panels  
92" H x 92" W - 8 Panels  
Pad Options
Yellow Play Couch  
No Pad No Pad

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Build the wall of your dreams! Our Climbing Wall Designer offers endless possibilities, making it easy to design the perfect wall for any space. Your custom set will come complete with all the pieces pictured, plus all necessary hardware. 

Need some inspiration? Check out our Climbing Wall Gallery!


If you want something even more out of the box you can craft something wild by picking up extra panels, holds, and pads! Let's get creative!






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- Birch Plywood Panels
- PE Resin Holds
- High Density Foam Pad

See individual product for more details


Panels & Holds - Wash with cold water, a gentle brush, and mild disinfectant.

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